RL Custom Emails offers an E-flyer service that is designed for real estate professionals
to communicate with each other.  We have the ability to send emails to all 50 states.

How does it work?

  1. You send us information and fill out an order form
  2. We put together a proof
  3. You accept the proof by paying
  4. We send out the email

How many people receive the email?
This depends on the region you are targeting.  We can send it to Real Estate
Professionals in specific counties or to everyone in a region.  Our database includes
Real Estate Professionals in every county in the United States.  Please check the map on the pricing screen for specific numbers or contact us.

What is the cost?

The cost will depend on the area that you are targeting as well as the amount of work
required.  Flyers start at $50.

What do we need to send you?
We can either send out your existing flyer or design one for you.

In both cases you will need to fill out the order form.   If you already have a flyer, you can upload it.  Otherwise you can either select a template and email us the photos.

Can you guarantee that we will receive the email when you blast it out?

We will make sure that your email address is included in the blast, however we cannot guarantee that you will receive it.  You most likely will get it, however sometimes delivery may be affected by your SPAM filter and occasionally the ISP’s mistake the emails for SPAM and put a temporary block on our emails.  We are in constant contact with the ISP’s and carefully monitor each campaign. 

Are the Emails CAN-SPAM Compliant

Yes they are.   All emails contain our physical address and an opt out option.  They also have genuine subject lines that are real estate related.

What are you doing to improve email deliverability?

We have terrific systems set up that allow us to monitor every campaign.   We are able to monitor delivery by  ISP and in cases where emails are not delivered we find out why and do everything we can to fix it.

What open rate can I expect?

As a result of the nature of these emails, we generally expect an open rate of 1% to 10%