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eFlyers are a cost effective way to publicize and promote:

New Listing

Open House & Broker Opens

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Valuable Products & Services

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Why choose RL Custom Emails?


Our prices are competitive and offer great value. Combined with the accuracy of email marketing, you can be sure that your putting your marketing dollars into the most effective form of direct marketing available.

We will get you a proof within 48 hours, usually less. This way, you can quickly get your message out to your audience in a timely manner, so you're never late to get the word out.

We work closely with you to ensure that you are delighted with the final product. With open communication every step of the way, we'll make sure you end up with an email that says exactly what you want it to.

We have systems and technology set up to optimize deliverability. These include highly specialized software programs that allow us to monitor every campaign and to make sure that most of our emails are delivered sucessfully.

We have a database of over 1 million real estate professionals in all 50 states. Our lists are regularly checked for accuracy, and to make sure they're up to date, so you only send emails to active agents.

We have close working relationships with professional graphic designers to help you create amazing custom emails. We also have a large variety of templates for you to choose from.

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